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About Us

We are a simple cottage industry of mom’s sewing for our girls and other women.

I had 2 goals when we moved to Mexico. I love to sew and I figured other moms might like to also. I also knew that reusable menstrual pads were very needed and I wanted to sew pads. Most pads are slow and difficult to sew and I found some great materials and adjusted patterns until I came up with a design that is loved by all. 

We sew and sell in our area for cost and raise money to give kits to girls in our area. We have supplied girls with our seconds and are starting a formal program spring of 2020 working our way through the schools in the municipality.

Meet Sylvia & Nico

The main sewers are Nico and Sylvia who work from home while caring for their children. They assemble and sew the pads which provides them with a good income. As the demand increases so will the amount of women sewing.


These 2 sisters do a lot to help each other out. They have great visits as they sew. Nico is the older sister and she says that she always dreamed of learning to sew and this is a dream come true for her. Her daughter just graduated from high school and is the first girl in 3 close villages to ever graduate! She graduated with her brother who is close to her in age. When I asked what their custom is for giving a graduating gift she didn’t know because they don’t know anyone else who has graduated. We are hoping to keep this trend of education going!

Teaching in Costa Rica

I was asked if I would go to Costa Rica to teach a group of women how to sew pads. I knew the best teacher would be Nico! So I held a fundraiser with the help of friends and Nico put on a meal as a fundraiser and we went and made some wonderful friends.  Nico does not have much education but loves to sew and is great at it. She is also an exceptional teacher! She encouraged the ladies and gave them tips and laughed and joked with them. 

Our Team

,Our team includes many not in photos at this time. Many others have had a hand in the progression of the pad with ideas and technical help. Since the pad has hit its final design, I now have a Canadian partner and friend, Irene who is the main contact and of course my daughter, Natalie, who was the hardest to convince and now is a full supporter and Rotary who has approved my big project.

Nico and Sylvia sewing 

Becca and Nico at an enviro fair

Shelly our template designer and writer of instructions with Becca and Nico, at the end of our trip to Costa Rica.

Our pads are easy to wash and even look great hanging up!


Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
(403) 505-4633

Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico