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Reasons to Use Reusables | Bela Femenina
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Reasons to Use Reusable Pads


There are so many great reasons to  to switch to a reusable pad! 


The Best Choice for Your Body

Our bodies react to the substances place in them, around them, on them and in them.  We need to be conscious of the choices we make!

No Chemicals

Pads and tampons are full of chemicals that are going to touch very thin skin and get absorbed into your body!    These chemicals disrupt how your system functions and causes a multitude of problems.  Manufacturing companies do not have to disclose what chemicals, plastics, or fragrances are in the pads and tampons.


No Waste

Disposables are a one time use and then we toss them. We forget that these products do not decompose for a very long time! Many places burn their garbage sending all the toxins up in our air.


No Odor

Natural fibers and breathable PUL allow for airflow and the lack of chemicals mixing with body fluids means there is no bad odor!

Lots of Comfort

The natural organic bamboo cotton velour is so very soft and comfy! You don’t feel wet or hot or smelly.  You don’t even know you are wearing a pad!


Saves Money

Our pads will last 5 or more years!  To purchase disposables that would equal $300 in 5 years and over 3,000 pads in the garbage!!!



The PUL is a great breathable barrier. Now you can work and play in comfort and security!


What People are Saying


These do not damage the environment and are beautiful and comfortable.”


Super comfortable!

 I love them! Super comfortable and save enough. I really recommend it. “


“Good quality”

They are very good quality, the designs are cute too.


“These Work”

These, from my experience, work. By the time of my next period, I saw a major difference in my flow and the pain that comes with it. My cycle last about four days and the pain was not bad at all. On top of all that, they are super comfy and cute at the same time I really am thankful for these and that they WORK!.”



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